Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Week Success!

Currier's doing awesome in Kindergarten.  His teacher sent him home with this award after the first week of school.  It's no small feat to earn an award for rocking someones world at the age of five.  I'm a proud Mama! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Currier started Kindergarten this week.  For his first day, I drove him in and walked him to his classroom to meet his teachers, Mrs. Schuck and Ms.Wanda.  

For his second day, he rode the bus all by himself like a big boy! 

We're Gonna Party Like It's 1991

I went home to Newburyport for my 20th high school reunion.  We kicked off the 10 day trip with a keg party potluck at my cousin Cheryl's house in Amesbury.  It was a fun day filled with family, friends, delicious food, keg beer, wicked laughs, ridiculous sarcasm, keg stands and lots of silly behavior.

After nursing our hangovers the following day, we took the kid's to Yankee Homecoming Old Fashion Sunday in Newburyport where we watched the muster and played in the water.  We ended the day at Salisbury Beach eating Cristy's pizza and soft serve ice cream with jimmies. 

On Monday my dad took us to Storyland in Glen, New Hampshire.  It was a total blast and it's just as magical as I remember it as a child.  The kids absolutely loved it and honestly so did the adults.  My brother and I went there in 1977 and it was so fun to come home and compare the then and now pictures. 

On Tuesday Currier had a bit of a stomach bug so we relaxed around the house and I rested up for the Yankee Homecoming Road Race.  I ran it with my brother's girlfriend Eliza and her sister Leanna.  It was perfect weather for a race and although I found the hill of Oakland Street a total bitch I still enjoyed the run.  After the race we went to the Park Lunch for burgers and beers.  A perfect way to end the day. 

On Wednesday we went to Fenway to watch the Boston Red Sox vs. the Cleveland Indians.  A few months ago I put a message out on facebook asking if anyone would like to join us as I was able to get tickets through a friend.  85 people ended up responding and so 85 friends from Newburyport met at Fenway and watched the Red Sox win.  It was an incredibly fun night and I loved the wicked energy from all the Newburyporters "YEAT". 

On Thursday we went to Seabrook Beach with my dad and several friends joined us.  It was a little chilly especially for this now Southern girl but we ended up staying for hours and having a lovely little beach day.  

On Friday we had breakfast at Mad Martha's on Plum Island and then we took the kids to the spot where Trent and I were married 14 years earlier. 

After the beach we visited my mother's grave.  It was bitter sweet seeing Rya Diane stand on the resting spot of the woman for whom she is named.  My mother's been dead nearly 30 years now and it never gets easier visiting her grave.   

Friday was the Newburyport High School Class of 1991 20th reunion.  It was a TOTAL BLAST to see some people I haven't seen in 20 years.  It was a really great night and well worth the trip. 

On Saturday my brother PJ took Trent and Currier fishing so the girls (Me, Rya, Cheryl and Eliza) went downtown Newburyport to do a little shopping and get psychic readings (she told me something that gave me the chills).  While downtown we ate dinner at the Grog where I worked for eight years as a teenager.  After dinner we met up with the boys and party hopped between Tracey and Loren's house watching the Yankee Homecoming Fireworks.  

On Sunday we watched the Yankee Homecoming Parade with my dad.  The kids loved it and Currier said it was better than Halloween with all the candy they got from the passing floats. 

After the parade we met Rebecca and bunch of friends at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate her birthday.  What was intended to be a mellow last night dinner turned into a drunken tequila soaked roller coaster ride and my cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard!  

On Monday we bid farewell to my family, my friends and Newburyport and we hoped on a plane (very hungover and 8 pounds heavier) and headed back to Charleston where we are still trying to recover from this vacation.   

And here's the rest of the pictures! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites—Plum Island Soap Company

I love Plum Island Soap Company products, especially the Healing Salts for sore muscles. All of the products are made with pure ingredients and are manufactured on Plum Island, Massachusetts—my favorite place on earth.