Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Seizures

On Saturday Currier had two seizures.  He complained of having an upset stomach and went into the bathroom and a few minutes later Trent and I heard a loud crash.  I found Currier on the floor with his head propped against the wall and his eyes rolled back into his head.   He woke as soon as I lifted him and then he turned pale and clammy.  As I was wetting a cold cloth and Trent was getting a thermometer, Currier face planted into the bathroom door and passed out cold again.  He didn’t lose control of his bowels and he didn’t have convulsions this go around.  So although still scary it wasn’t the full blown seizures like he’s had in the past so we felt comfortable caring for him at home and not taking him to the ER.

Today I got a call from the school nurse saying that Currier wasn’t communicating normally and he complained that his brain hurt so Trent rushed to pick him up and we all met at doctor’s office.  After an exam, blood test and urinalysis, Dr. Davis still thinks these are febrile seizures and not epilepsy.   Currier should grow out of these episodes just as I did as a child.  So permission granted to carry on and TRICK or TREAT!   
*At the doctor's office, Currier was obviously getting a lot of attention so Rya interuppted Dr. Davis and said, "Hey when everyone is done talking about Currier can we all talk about me?"  She is her mother's daughter.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calling Penny

While Hurricane Sandy was pounding the Northeast, Rya was concerned for Penny's safety.  She had Paolo call on the Barbie phone and thank goodness Penny was safe and sound in Beverly, Massachusetts. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Festivities 2012

We kicked off Halloween season by making carmel and candy apples and carving pumpkins.  This is always way more frustrating than fun but a holiday staple that needs to be done. 

Then Ariel and the Grim Reaper attended our Planter's Pointe community Halloween party and gave their costumes a little trial run before the upcoming trick or treat. 
And Lizzy Tish did her best Ariel impression over and over and over again! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rock You Like a Hurricane

This morning was our last group run before the Savannah Half Marathon.  We met at 6AM in the dark, cold, rain of Hurricane Sandy and ran 6 miles of pure HELL.  One week till marathon! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Viva la Paolo

Yesterday Paolo was yelping whenever he stood and then this morning Paolo was unable to walk and refused food (Paolo NEVER refuses a meal!).  I thought the worst and brought him to the emergency vet.  It was a sad ride to the ER as I prepared myself and Paolo of the possibility of having to put him down if his back was broken again.  It turned out to be a pulled or torn muscle in his shoulder since he over compensates in his front legs.  He was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and a McDonald's cheeseburger and referred to a doggie acupuncturist.  It worked because Paolo is walking again and already back to his happy self! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Aunt Carrie

Aunt Carrie came for a weekend visit so she and I could go through some photographs and brainstorm for Mimi and Papi's upcoming 50th wedding anniversary in January.  As always the kids adored having her here. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feeling Good About Yourself?

Currier made this necklace for me and it almost made me cry.  It's gestures like this that help disolve all the times that kid drives me crazy.  And then...

Feeling good about yourself?  Ask your child to draw a picture of you!  Currier is back on the shitlist! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Almost Half Way There

This morning I completed my last double digit run before the Savannah Half Marathon in two weeks.  Now it's time to tapper off and give my body a rest for the race.  And if my knee holds out for the half marathon I'll continue straight into training for the full marathon in January.     

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soccer Season Finale

Tonight was Currier's final soccer game.  They had a great season and Currier did well.  I'm secretly thankful it's over.  I'm not cut out to be a "soccer mom".  Practice was twice a week at dinner time and I struggled to "do it all".  My family had a lot cereal for dinner these past two months. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boone Hall Plantation Pumpkin Patch

We met Rya's best friend, Riley, and her mom and baby brother at the Boone Hall Plantation Pumpkin Patch this afternoon.  The kids climbed on tractors, jumped in jumpy castles, fed goats and bunnies, posed with pumpkins and braved a haunted hay ride. 

Rya and Riley weren't interested in doing the corn maze so Margaret watched the girls while Currier and I giggled our way through the maze and surprisingly found our way out in less than a half hour. 

I had hoped to get traditional photos of the kids sitting on pumpkins with autumn leaves sprawled about but it was hot and sticky and everyone was dirty and uncooperative so that didn't happen. Instead here's a filthy, cranky Rya D.  Still beautiful nonetheless. 


Rya's lunch request today was a "peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into the shapes of dinosaurs, a shot of chocolate chips and a Capri Sun served on a tray in the living room."  She's so particular.  I have no idea where she gets that from? 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Yard Sale

Our neighborhood hosted a community wide yard sale over the weekend and the kids made a killing selling coffee, donuts and OJ.  We purged a lot crap from around the house and made just under $400.  It was a total success except for the six donuts that I ate.  I'm now so fat I have to wash myself with a rag on a stick! 


I ran the Oktoberfest 5K last Thursday.  My knee acted up big time for the first mile making me question, "How on earth am I going to run a marathon in four weeks!?"  But by mile two the pain subsided and I was able to actually enjoy the race and pick up my speed.  An authentic German oompah band, good friends and free beer made the after party totally wunderbar!   

Currier met me about 50 yards from the finish and ran across the line with me while shouting, "Mama, I lost a tooth!"  It gave me two things to feel proud about.       

Dead Mother

Rya drew me this.  I said, "Wow, it's beautiful.  Is that a picture of me?"  She said, "No, it's your dead mother!"  I laughed like a crazy person for ten minutes.  Thank you Rya.  I needed that. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thirty Years

Thirty years is a long time, but I remember every detail of that day like a broken Etch a Sketch which can't be erased. I was eight-years-old and just finished tap dance class. About to walk home with my cousins, my uncle came to pick us up. We refused the ride but he insisted. I knew. I knew then she was gone. I entered our apartment to the smell of Rice Crispy Treats wafting from the kitchen full of anguished faces—my aunts, my grandmother and my brother. My brother's eyes confirmed what I already knew as my grandmother told me to change out of my "unitard". I sassed back, "It's called a leotard!," and my aunt hit me and told me to do as I was told. I climbed the stairs to my bedroom, hands shaking. I pulled the string on my ceiling lamp so hard it came crashing down and shattered, just like my world. With a book, I swept the glass under my bed, changed my clothes and told God I hated him. I went back down to the kitchen and my uncle, one I didn't particularly like, told me my mother died. "Don't worry, she's in heaven now. She's an angel watching over you," he said. I wondered why my father wasn't there. I wondered if I'd get to see my mother's body.  I wondered what the hell was going to happen to me?!  My heart ached and I felt abandoned.        
It's hard to believe it was so long ago; the memory is still sharp and painful, and it knocks the wind out of me when I allow my mind to go there.  When I told the kids that my mother died thirty years ago today, Currier asked, "How many days is thirty years?"  Together we figured out it's 10,950 days.  I acknowledged that was a lot of days to miss someone and Rya asked, "You still miss her?"  "Of course I miss her.  I will always miss my mother. It doesn't matter how old you are—when you feel sick or sad you'll always want your mommy."  For me, today is one of those days.    

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little R & R

Rya and Riley are taking ballet, jazz and tap lessons together while Margaret and I go out drinking and talk shit about people discuss the presidential campaign and current world events over herbal tea.  I'm sure these two trouble makers give the instructor a run for her money.

Go Dog, Go

I love that Currier reads his own bedtime stories now.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lucky Penny

The day I took Penny in as a foster (September 19th) I posted her picture on facebook asking if anyone was interested in adopting her.  My cousin, Danielle, from Massachusetts messaged me almost immediately with questions about Penny.  After a week of facebook messages, texts and phone calls, her and her fiance, Daniel, decided this was the dog for them.  

They drove down from Beverly, Massachusetts (An 18 hour drive!) yesterday to adopt Penny.  It took about thirty minutes of paperwork at the Charleston Animal Society to make it official.  We learned that Penny was originally found as a stray and then surrendered to the shelter by two different owners in her short little life.  Penny has a luxating patella (trick knee) in her right hind leg and the first owner was worried this could lead to medical expenses later so dumped her and the second owners claimed they couldn't adapt to her so once again she was dumped.  On September 19th, the shelter sent out an urgent message because the shelter was overflowing and 31 dogs were on the kill list.  Penny was one of them.       

Penny went from death row to damn lucky because Danielle and Daniel are so in love with her and I just know it was meant to be!  I got goose bumps seeing the happiness and love surrounding this dog.    

Funny thing is I never met Danielle until yesterday.  It was Penny that brought us together and now we'll always have that bond—Penny and the same wacky relatives!   

I thought for sure I was going to break down and cry when it was time to say good bye to Penny this afternoon but I didn't.  I know she's exactly where she needs to be and knowing I played a role in that makes me happy.  Today was a very happy day.  Fostering is rewarding. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back At It

After a month off from running and a cortisone shot to the knee cap, I was finally given the green light to ease back into marathon training.  I started off real slow alternating one and two mile runs this week and then this morning I attempted a five mile run over the bridge and back.  Following the doctor's advice I walked the downhill portion but otherwise I ran it and it felt so good to be back!  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Biking and Walking

Today was Ride Your Bike To School Day so I borrowed a jogging stroller and pushed Rya beside Currier on his bike.  It was cute to see all the bikes lined up outside of the elementary school.  It totally reminded me of Amsterdam except there was less weed and hookers. 
Since I missed my gym class, I decided to take advantage of the stroller and walk the bridge with Rya.  It was an overcast day with a chance of rain so the bridge was deserted. 

So we sang at the top of our lungs and giggled our asses off.  I LOVE days like this!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jazz Hands

Lizzy Tish started jazz, tap and ballet lessons a few weeks ago and since then Life is a Cabaret!

Monday, October 1, 2012


In one week, Penny's new family will be picking her up.  I'll share the details as soon as the adoption is made final.  It's really an awesome story.  

Chew on This!

Conversation overheard in the bathroom this morning— Currier exclaims, “Oh No, Penny chewed up one of mom’s make up brushes!  I guess Penny just looks around for cool things to chew on, huh?"  Trent lets out a very boisterous fart and Currier says, “Um yeah, that’s not cool to chew on!”