Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Isle Of Palms

This morning, Currier and I went to the Isle of Palms with stale crackers and moldy bread and fed a couple dozen very hungry seagulls some breakfast. I didn't get any pictures of the actual feeding frenzy because I was occupied in making sure the seagulls didn't eat Currier's hands. The swarm of swooping birds cracked Currier up. Through the hyterical laughter, he kept shouting, "Eat, Tweet Tweet, Eat!"

Monday, April 28, 2008

This Is Why I Love The Swimming Pool

The pool wears Currier out so much that he passes out during snack time mid Goldfish.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Quick Visit

On their way back to Newburyport, my brother, Mike and Allison stopped by for a brief visit. Currier and Allison squeezed in a dip.
And then we all enjoyed a BBQ and laughs before they packed up the car and headed home. Next time why don't you guys stay a little longer!?

Grocery Shopping

Harris Teeter, our local grocery store has these little "shopper in training" carts that Currier absolutely loves. It takes us FOREVER to grocery shop now, but at least there's no kicking and screaming.

This Child Has No Fear

It's been warm enough here to go to the pool so every day Currier requests, "Swim! Pool!" He has absolutely no fear of the water and will jump into the pool unexpectedly at any moment so Trent and I must be on our toes and ready to rescue at all times. Currier also has no fear of bugs. After his death defying plunge into the deep end, he picked up this beetle and let it crawl all over him. Ick!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Il Mio Piccolo Picasso

Currier and I love painting with TaDoodles. The easy grip helps him maneuver his masterpiece and the washable paint makes clean up a breeze. I'm thrilled that Currier is starting to show a creative side. I can't wait to introduce him to scrap booking!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Quick Stopover In Chucktown

Last night my brother PJ, his buddy Mike and Mike's daughter Allison spent the night with us on their way down to Disney World. They were supposed to arrive late Thursday night but didn't arrive until late Friday afternoon due to some traffic and car problems—Mike’s car blew up about an hour from our house because he had inadvertently driven in 4 wheel drive all the way from Newburyport, Massachusetts—oops! The car was towed to the dealership where Mike received news that the damage will cost 3000 clams and take a week to fix—ouch! Being a resilient crew, they decided not to let this ruin their vacation—buying a bag of fireworks helped cheer them up! Trent picked them up at the dealership and we headed downtown Charleston for dinner, ice cream and a walk along the waterfront.
They woke up early this morning to pick up a rental car and get on the road to Florida. Although it was just a short visit, we packed in a lot of fun. Mike's daughter is a little character who sang us songs, told us ghost stories and stole Currier's heart. He adored her and cried when she said goodbye. The only good thing about their car breaking down is that they will now have to stop by here to pick it up on their way back to Massachusetts. We can't wait for another sleepover next weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Babysitter Italiana

We found an Italian babysitter! About a month ago, I saw a flier in our apartment complex for Italian language lessons. I immediately called the lady and asked if she would be interested in babysitting for a toddler that understands and speaks a little Italian. The woman was thrilled! Manuela and her husband are from Naples. Her husband works for an Italian company that is working on a project with Boeing. As it turns out, this project has brought a small Italian population to this area. Who would have thought that we would find a "Little Italy" in South Carolina? Manuela has been coming twice a week for a few hours to give me a break and to continue to expose Currier to the Italian language/culture. We feel so lucky that our paths crossed. È meravigliosa!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Is Here!

Yesterday Currier and I went strawberry picking at Boone Hall. This was a first for the both of us and we both enjoyed it immensely. Me for the smell of the fresh strawberries as we picked them. Currier for the promise that as soon as we finished filling the bucket we could go jump on the inflatables that the plantation had set up. After a half hour of jumping, we were both dripping sweat, so... We decided a trip to the ocean would refresh us. I love living five minutes from the beach! We only intended to dip our feet, but Currier got a little nutty and went all the way in! We were so giddy chasing the waves together that it was definitely one of those moments when I said to myself, "This is what it's all about. I love being a mother!" And of course our perfect spring day wouldn't have been complete without ice cream. Now, what to do with all those strawberries?