Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rebby & Hunter's Visit

My dear friend Rebby and her son Hunter came to visit us for a week to escape the New England winter and meet baby Rya. I've known Rebecca since the 5th grade. She lived two streets over from me in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Rebecca and I share the same warped sense of humor and most of my memories of Rebby involve uncontrollable fits of laughter. In our early twenties, we moved to Orlando, Florida together and shared an apartment for a couple of years—fun, wild and crazy years!

We kicked off their visit with a little Mexican fiesta—fajitas, cervezas, Rebby's famous pico de gallo and of course sombreros, ponchos and maracas!

With the different ages (Hunter is 9, Currier is 2 and Rya is 3 months), it was difficult to coordinate nap schedules and find activities for the kids to enjoy together (+ Hunter and Currier bickered like brothers something fierce!) so Rebby and Hunter went off and did their own thing while Currier, Rya and I stuck to our little routine. Rebecca and Hunter packed in a lot of mother/son time doing some touristy stuff—the Aquarium, the USS Yorktown, the Military Museum and shopping at the Charleston Market.

Rebby and I went downtown Charleston for a little Girls' Night Out. My wonderful husband stayed home with the kids and had chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese while Rebby and I went to FIG, one of Charleston's finest restaurants. We started with a glass of prosecco, shared a citrus salad and onion tart for appetizers, oohed and ahhed over our pork shoulder and trigger fish entrees, and finished with vino and molten chocolate cake with homemade mint ice cream. It was one of the best meals EVER! We were both shocked at how well we behaved ourselves. We giggled at the thought that perhaps we've finally grown up?

For their final night in Charleston, Rebby, Hunter and I went on the Charleston Ghost and Graveyard tour. We had a good time listening to the ghost stories and trying to spook each other in the graveyard—Boo! It was a fun week with lots of laughs, loving on sweet baby Rya, insane bickering (causing me to flip out and scream "shut up" to the kids—not one of my proudest moments!), fantastic food, flowing wine and beer, hilarious Chris Farley impersonations, good conversation and lots of reminiscing.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Weekend With the Rohes

Trent's sister, Kathy, and her family came and spent the long holiday weekend with us. They arrived late Friday evening but not too late for a little happy hour. Currier was already sound asleep by the time they arrived but Rya waited up to meet her aunt, uncle and cousins.

Valentine's Day began with screams of joy as Currier discovered his cousins, Jonathan and Austin, had slept over. The shouting continued when the boys found a table full of Valentine's Day goodies. While the boys snacked on Valentine's Day candy and played with their new toys, the adults sipped coffee, chatted and admitted that maybe happy hour shouldn't have lasted until 1AM.

Later that afternoon Currier had a birthday party to attend at the aquarium so the rest of the gang tagged along to check out the sea creatures. After a few hours at the aquarium, we headed home for a candlelit steak dinner that Trent prepared for Valentine's Day.

On Sunday we had a lazy day. We lounged around the house, did a little shopping at Target, ordered pizza, lit off some fireworks, watched a movie and fell asleep in front of the TV.

On Monday before the Rohes hit the road back to Florida, we went downtown and checked out the American Military Museum (per Jonathan's request) and then had lunch at The Harbor Grille. It was a fun weekend full of laughs, love, a few fights* and some good eating.
*The Rohes brought their dog, Sandy. I predicted that Sandy and Paolo would fall in love over Valentine's Day weekend but my predicition was WAY off. Sandy did not like Paolo's advances at all. Maybe Sandy was playing hard to get?!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three Months Old

Dear Rya D.,

You're three-months-old today and you still have your newborn blue eyes. We’ve been waiting to see if your eyes will turn brown like mine or hazel like your father’s but nope they’re still blue as ever. I looked back at pictures of Currier when he was three months old and his blue eyes had already turned brown by now. So, we’re thinking a recessive gene snuck in there and maybe we’ve got ourselves a blue eyed girl.

This month we’ve discovered that you love music. I mean really LOVE it. Within seconds of hearing music your whole demeanor changes. Just a few notes can change you from irritable to tranquil. You like all kinds of music but some of your favorite songs right now are I’m Yours, Skinny Love, Fix You and Hey There Delilah (We sing, "Hey There Rya"). Whenever you’re fussy I switch on the IPod and dance with you in the kitchen. Several times a day you make me drop everything I’m doing to listen to music and dance with you. I love you for that.

As much as I love your blue eyes, I don’t care if they change to brown or hazel but I do hope your love for music will never change. Whether your three months old or thirty years old, I hope you will always find comfort in music and I hope you will always be able to make me drop everything to dance with you in the kitchen.

All my love,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Walk Along The Shore

The weather warmed up a little this weekend so we introduced Rya to the ocean for the first time. She looked so content as we walked along the Isle of Palms shore collecting seashells and watching the sunset. I hope the weather stays this warm so we can do this more often.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rya's First Babysitters

Our neighbors, Gary and Lisa, offered to babysit the kids so Trent and I could have a date night. Not being ones to turn down a few hours of peace and quiet, we gratefully took them up on the offer! Last night was our first night out since Rya was born so we celebrated with dinner downtown Charleston. We went to Wasabi for sushi, sake and Japanese beer. It was strange to have a whole meal and conversation without any outbursts or interruptions—absolute bliss! Currier and Rya had a good time too. They made pizza, played trains, watched movies and snuggled on the couch. Thank you Gary and Lisa!


One Day She'll Pay Him Back!

Yesterday I told Currier that he had to have all of his toys picked up off the floor by the time I was done putting away the laundry. I guess I should have specified that I wanted them put in his toy box!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Moving On

Due to "economic reasons", My Gym closed it's doors a few months ago. We'd been going to that gym for a year so the news was a total bummer. Of course the same week that the gym shut down, our Italian babysitter Manuela moved back to Italy for good. It sucks saying goodbye to people you trust with your children and have grown to love. It rehashes memories of saying goodbye to Bina. We were crushed but we're slowly picking up the pieces. We joined Gymboree and so far Currier is enjoying the classes. Now we just need to find an Italian speaking babysitter who makes amazing pizza. Do you know any in the Charleston area?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bringing The 80's Back

Rya is trying to bring the 80's back with her collar turned up. She also has her pants pegged-and-rolled and there's a giant comb in her back pocket.

That's My Boy!

This shirt says, "I want to be formal, but I came here to party!"

Oh The Horror!

Look what I found in our backyard this morning! It's 30 degrees here today and I'm miserable. If I can't handle this, there is NO way I could ever live in Massachusetts again.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Mimi!

Here's the smile that Mimi requested. Ask and you shall receive!

Window Painting

I got this fun idea from The Crafty Crow. Currier thought I was the coolest mom for letting him paint the windows! Trent thought I lost my mind and the neighborhood crime watch checked in to make sure our house hadn't been vandalized.

My Little Angel

In my best Southern accent, "I could sop this one up with a biscuit!"