Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nadia's Visit

 My Sicilian friend (She also lived in Charleston when we did and now she lives in Japan so our friendship has spanned 3 different continents!) is visiting Guam this week (Hooray for our first house guest!) to take the test to become a U.S. Citizen despite my constant questioning, "Even with the 2016 shit show of an election, are you absolutely sure you want to become an American?"  

Early Scuba Lessons

Trent started teaching Rya how to Scuba dive. She still has a few years until she's old enough to get certified but it's never too early to start learning. 

Student of the Month

Rya was awarded Student of the Month at her new school in Guam. I'm so proud of how quickly she's adjusted to this new culture. Yay Rya!