Friday, January 23, 2009

"I've Got Poop On My Balls!"

This morning Currier and I were sitting at the dining room table eating cereal when out of the blue he declares, "I've got poop on my balls." Something in me snaps and I go off on a five minute tangent about how he needs to do poop on the potty. "I'm sick of this yo-yo potty training. You're a big boy now and big boys don't wear diapers," I sternly lecture.

All the while I'm wondering where the hell he learned the word "balls". I didn't even know he was aware that he had testicles never mind knowing funny slang words for them. I get up from the table to access the mess in his pants and Currier looks at me like I'm insane and points out the window and repeats, "I've got poop on my balls!"

"Oh yeah, that's right you did get dog poop on your balls. That's yucky. We need to clean those with the hose today," I digress.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colorful Cars

Trent is away on business for a few days so I'm getting a taste of the single parent life—it's exhausting. I have lots of projects lined up to keep Currier out of trouble. Painting little wooden cars (found in the craft section of Walmart for 88 cents!) was one of his favorite activities. He seriously hasn't stopped talking about it.


We took Rya to the doctor this week for her 2 month check up and immunizations. She's 24 inches long and weighs 12.7 lbs now. That puts her in the 90th percentile which means we've got ourselves a big girl. Currier was such a good big brother during Rya's immunizations. He was concerned that the needles would hurt his sister and he demanded Band-Aids for her boo boos.

Paolo and Rya

These two are total BFF.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the Rest is History!

This morning I told Currier that today was a very exciting day because we're getting a new president. His eyes lit up and he shouted, "New presents! Yeah, new presents!"

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Vogels Visit

Trent's sister, Beth, and her children, Clayton and Nyah, came for a long weekend to hang with us and meet baby Rya. We kicked off the weekend with cocktails, paella, and serious monkey business.

On Saturday we took the kids sledding at Blackbeard's Cove. A snow machine transformed the fun park into a winter wonderland giving the "warmer climate kids" the opportunity to freeze their asses off. After 15 minutes of sledding and snow ball fights, we warmed up with hot cocoa and s'mores.

On Sunday we watched TV, horsed around, took naps, played games, made mini cheesecakes, played dress up and had a little dance party. It was a weekend packed with fun, laughs and lots of love. We can't wait for the Vogels to come visit us again!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Months Old

Dear Rya D.,

You're two-months-old today. We have a well established routine now and you're a pretty easy baby. I suspect you're going to be a very even-tempered person like your father. You have your fussy moments (usually between 10 and 12 at night) but otherwise you're content. I love this about you.

Only 62 days old and you've already earned a couple nicknames. I call you "Rizzy Dizzy" or "Riz". Those crazy newborn crossed eyes started it and it just stuck. Your dad calls you "Booger" (the guy from Revenge of the Nerds) because you burp louder than a frat boy at a kegger. And whenever you cry, we all tease you and call you "Rya the Crier". Sorry for that.

This month you had a major growth spurt (thanks to the formula supplements) so now I sadly need to pack the newborn clothes away. You also developed a yucky case of cradle cap on your eyebrows this month. I know this must have been terribly embarrassing for you so I took care of it with a little dandruff shampoo. You can pay me back by plucking my eyebrows for me when I'm an old lady.

Finally, this month you gave us your first smile and it is utterly intoxicating. Thank you for that. It's the best gift you can ever give me!

All my love,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopping Anyone?

The problem with all these fantastic sales going on right now is we can't even afford things that are 75% off.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Year In Charleston

It was one year ago today that we boarded that dreadfully long flight over the Atlantic leaving Sicily for a fresh start in Charleston. Although we miss Sicily, especially the wine and dear friends we left behind, we adjusted quickly to the wonderful conveniences of America (Hello 24hr gas stations, drive-thrus, a dishwasher and air conditioning). Nothing makes you appreciate America more than living overseas.

This year has been challenging and life changing. Trent started a new job, I got pregnant, we bought our first house, and we completed our family with a baby girl. We're happy to be back in America and closer to family. We look forward to many years here in Charleston and hope for many visitors. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Rub A Dub Dub

There's nothing I love more than some squeaky clean kids!

Another Eggs-ample...

of the crap that goes on when I turn my back for one second. I couldn't stay mad at Currier because after I shouted, "What are you doing?" he responded, "Making you breakfast Mama."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

La Befana

Today is Epiphany, which marks the end of the holiday season. According to Italian folklore, on this day the good witch, Befana, brings candy to all the good boys and girls. This is another Italian tradition that we brought to America with us so Currier can grow up with a little culture from his birthplace. Currier was delighted to wake to a Befana doll and scattered candy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Look what Rya gave her daddy for his birthday—a beautiful, toothless smile!

Happy Birthday Trent

Trent turned 37 today- Yikes! We welcomed him home from work with sidewalk chalk art and homemade carrot cake cupcakes. After a yummy dinner of steak, potatoes and corn, we sang Happy Birthday, ate cupcakes and played Let's Go Fishin.

Happy Birthday Trent, we love you!

Birds of Prey

Over the weekend, Trent and Currier went and checked out The Center of Birds of Prey while Rya and I stayed home snuggling on the couch. Apparently, Rya and I missed out because Currier came home very excited about all the different birds he got to see and even saw one eat a baby chick. The center is just ten minutes down the road so maybe when the weather warms up (it's in the 50's and I'm a total wimp!), Rya and I will venture over there and see what it's all about.