Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Aunt Carrie came and spent Labor Day weekend with us. We kicked off the lazy weekend with a movie/popcorn night. This has become a little family tradition once a week. Currier's toddler attention span has improved drastically in the past month and he's finally able to sit through an entire movie (mostly!) and I mean a "real" movie without animated characters. We watched the Water Horse, a cute movie about the Loch Ness monster, which we all enjoyed.

A few weeks ago we bought a blow up pool for Currier but it just sat in the box in our garage because we never had the energy to blow it up. Aunt Carrie quickly became Currier's hero when she pulled the pool out of the box, blew it up, filled it with water and threw in 100 plastic balls... and you can't have your very own pool in the privacy of your backyard without skinny dipping!

It wouldn't be Labor Day without some grilling. Trent made blue cheese stuffed burgers, a recipe we got from our friend Nicole's Pinch My Salt blog. You've got to try this recipe—yum. Happy Labor Day!


Nicole said...

Mmmmm...that burger photo is making me want some blue cheese! Glad you guys liked them and hope you're doing well!

Coleen said...

Omigod Nicole, the burgers are freakin incredible!