Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eight Months Old

Dear Rya D.,

You're eight months old now. This month you took another road trip, started standing and stopped eating baby food. You endured another car ride to Florida—this time not so pleasant. Our car overheated on the way there and blew the radiator on the way home. You did remarkably well considering the long hours strapped to a car seat.

The ridiculous car ride was worth it. We spent a whole week at a beach house on Captiva Island with the Balent family. As the youngest family member, you were the center of attention. Everyone fought over whose turn it was to hold you, feed you and play with you. I let them work out whose turn it was and I took a break from my motherly duties and relaxed. I missed you by the end of the week.

You started pulling yourself up and standing at the beach house. One afternoon after nap, your father and I found you standing in your playpen looking so proud. We both nearly cried we were so excited for you. It was a wonderful moment I know I won't forget because we took fifty pictures of you standing there.

We stopped feeding you baby food and starting cutting up and feeding you whatever we're eating. You were turning your head to baby food or grabbing the spoon and flinging it so I finally got the hint. You are so much happier and less messy at mealtimes. You love avocado, grilled pineapple, bananas and blueberry cereal bars.

You grew and changed so much in just a week of vacation. It's so bittersweet to watch my baby become a little girl. Please slow down.

All my love,

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