Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Visit From The Cooks

My Aunt Joanie and Uncle Ricky stopped by for a few days on their way home to Florida from Massachusetts. They had their grandchildren, Chase and Cheyanne, with them and this was our first time meeting them.

It was an absolute joy getting to know them. Currier and Cheyanne got along famously and shared very similar personalities—complete lunatics! Rya and Chase on the other hand, were the reserved, quiet ones.

During their visit, we went on a lovely horse-drawn carriage tour through Charleston's historic downtown district where we saw all the beautiful and charming homes along Rainbow Row and Battery Park.
After the tour we had lunch at the Charleston Crab House, shopped at the open air market and then rewarded (Okay, it was really big time bribery!) the kids for being quiet on the tour with a trip to Charleston's Candy Kitchen.

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