Sunday, February 26, 2012

Help Has Arrived

Carrie, Heather and Max came down from Tennessee for the weekend to help clean up after the major shitstorm that has swept through our lives.  First it was Paolo’s injury and then we lost both of our cars within two weeks of each other.  Carrie and Heather came down to lend a much needed hand.   They generously helped out around the house (picking up dog shit) and with the kids (allowing Trent and I to sleep in and take naps!) and with the dogs (walking Paolo on his sling & taking Bruco to the vet for an ear infection).  Also Carrie, being the saint that she is, left us her car to borrow until we get back on our feet.  We’re so thankful to have family to lean on during times like these.  Thank you Carrie and Heather!

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