Monday, March 19, 2012


We tried to trap a leprechaun with a wee pint of Guinness and a nip of Bailey's. 

We were all so excited/nervous on St. Patrick's Day morning to see if we had indeed caught a real live leprechaun. 

But when we lifted the trap all we found was empties and a pair of leprechaun pants.  Apparently that little bastard got drunk and took off his pants before wreaking havoc.  He left green pee in the toilet, threw coins and shamrocks all over the house and hid a treasure for us to find. 

A series of photo clues lead us to the bathroom closet where he left us Lucky Charms and Rolos. 

For lunch we made mini Reuben sandwiches, green macaroni and cheese and green jello. 

And the kids spent the afternoon swimming in leprechaun pee.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!   

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