Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Seven-Year-Old Currier,

You're just finishing up the first grade.  You're a good student and you love school.  The minute you get home from school you ask to do your homework.  I don't think this is because you actually like to do your homework but more because you like to get it over with so you can relax.  I'm the same way.  I have trouble enjoying myself when I know there is work to do.   

This year you got your own pet, Rosie, a bearded dragon.  As I suspected, you lost interest in her after the first month.  Not entirely.  You still play with her but you don't give her as much attention as she deserves.  Luckily for Rosie I have I taken a liking to her and I surprise myself how much I enjoy her company on my shoulder.  She's a sweet addition to our little family.      

I talked your father into surprising you with a Kindle for your birthday.  His fear was that you'd become one of those boys with his face stuck to a video game all day.  I vouched that I would monitor it with a daily time limit and parental controls.  I'll have you know that it took a lot of convincing but I rallied for you because I knew how badly you wanted one.  Man, we loved seeing your face when you opened it.  It was epic (as you would say) to see you so happy and grateful.   

You're growing up fast and have quickly morphed from a child into a young man.  You can make your own choices and decisions now.  I'm proud of your self discipline to get your school work done before play.  I appreciate your efforts (although half ass at times) to care for Rosie.  I trust you are responsible enough to have an electronic device and I adore your gratefulness for it.  I love being your mom.

All my love,

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