Friday, October 11, 2013

Mom & Son Date Night

Since Currier's in school and I work several evenings a week we don't see each other very often so we decided we needed an evening out together—just the two of us.  We went bowling but first he requested we stop by Kohl's to buy a Tony Hawk sweatshirt that all the cool kids are wearing at school.  Being the push over that I am, I gave in and was given the title "Best Mom in the World!"  We had a great time bowling (I won just so you know!) and it was nice to spend time with just Currier.  He opened up and told me that he doesn't have a girlfriend but he wishes he did.  He also told me there's a mean kid in his class.  I felt honored that he shared this with me.  We're making this date night a monthly ritual!   

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