Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dear Five-Year-Old Rya D.,

Now that you're five that means you'll be off to Kindergarten next year.  My emotions are a pendulum swinging from pure excitement (Eight hours all to myself!) to utter sadness (Eight hours all to myself?).  I’m certainly going to enjoy my time alone but I’ll also miss my little helper, crazy co-pilot, and favorite lunch date.    

Your speech has improved greatly but you still have trouble pronouncing some words like “Currier” to you is “Turrier”, which we all think is adorable so we don’t correct you on that one.  The speech therapists and doctors think you’re caught up to speed now so you should have an easy transition into Kindergarten.   

Lately you’re obsessed with what you were like as a baby.  We look at the blog almost daily so you can see pictures of yourself and listen to the stories.  It make me feel thankful that I started this blog so you and Currier can always come back to see your lives unfold. 

I'm trying to revel in every moment with you as your school years are quickly approaching.  Sometimes I wrap you in a blanket and rock you on my lap (per your request!) just like I did when you were a baby.  We both love this.  As you grow into a young lady, I can imagine you’ll still want to be swaddled on my lap but I hope you’ll always come to me for warmth and love. 

All my love,

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