Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Soccer Mom

I'm not cut out to be a soccer mom. I don't stand on the side lines screeching, "Get the ball! Get the ball!" I don't yell at my son during halftime, "If you're not out of breath and dripping sweat then you're not working hard enough!" I sit on the sidelines quietly watching and occasionally when my eyes meet my son's I wink and give him the thumbs up. 

Currier played goalie for part of the game tonight and let two goals by (he also saved two!) and one teammate shouted, "You suck" and the mom sitting two people down from me said, "C'mon! They need to change goalies!" Currier ran over to me for a sip of water and said, "I'm doing terrible." While giving Currier a hearty hug and staring that woman down I said, "You're doing fine. It's just a game. Just do your best and have fun!" 

Later in the car I explained that team sports teach us what we are good at and not so good at. We have the opportunity to make the things we're good at great and the things we're not so good at better. It's our choice.  I also said, "Life is too short and too hard to worry about such silly dumbfuckery!"

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