Friday, June 20, 2008

A Morning At the Children's Museum

This morning, Currier and I went to the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry downtown Charleston. This was my first time driving in the city without another adult in the car so I am proud of myself for getting us there and back without getting lost. I must use the term "city" lightly because Charleston is so incredibly quaint it hardly qualifies as a "city". Charleston doesn't have any high rise buildings like typical American cities. Buildings must remain shorter than the church steeples and church steeples there are a plenty—Charleston is known as the Holy City because of its vast number of churches (No wisecracks about the irony of me living in the Holy City!). So Charleston is darling and hardly feels like a city but nonetheless it's technically a city so I'm still patting myself on the back for not getting lost.

Anyway, about our morning... It was a great morning! We got downtown around 9AM and the museum didn't open until 10AM so we walked around the historic district and I found at least a dozen restaurants for Trent and I to try on date nights or an evening out when guests come (Seriously, when are YOU coming to visit us?). We also found Paolo's Gelateria that serves Italian gelato and Three Dogs Bakery that serves gourmet dog treats. Currier and I decided we'd come back another time with Trent and the dogs to check those places out. When the museum opened, we were the first ones in line. The museum consisted of about 6 themed rooms. We spent a majority of the morning in the water room. Currier couldn't get enough of the little boats and making them float down stream, through tunnels, over water falls and under bridges. He also enjoyed the art room where he made a clay sculpture and a painting. It was fun to watch Currier explore and play and it's definitely a place we'll come back to again and again. I planned on us having lunch in the city but Currier was tired and wearing his cranky pants by the time we got out of the museum so we came straight home for lunch and a nap. Despite the cranky pants incident, it was still one of those days that made me love being a mom.


Mrs. Crab said...

Awwwwww!! What a fun day!! And a Paolo's Gelato?? What are the chances!?! Since you guys left I have to remind myself to stop wishing my days away that I'm only gonna get one chance to live in Sicily. But this is one of those days where I wish I lived close! What fun it would have been to hang with you two at the kids museum.. Fun fun fun!

Give the squirt a hug for me and a kiss from Jack and a, hmm, what would Ana give Currier? a Nudge? Ehh anyway, you get the drift.

Sullivan said...

Looks like fun!!! We never did get there with Anna. I guess we missed out!