Monday, June 9, 2008

Splash Island

Over the weekend we had a long list of things to do around the house but we'll always have things to do around the house so we blew off our chores and took Currier to a water park. Splash Island is inside the Palmetto Islands County Park down the street from our house. I discovered this county park a few months ago. There are miles of hiking trails with gorgeous marsh views and it's my favorite place to walk the dogs. Bruco and Paolo love it there too—they go absolutely nuts when they see the entrance sign. This past weekend was our first time trying the water park and it was the perfect way to cool off from the heat—it’s already in the high 90s with horrific humidity.


Mrs. Crab said...

Tell me all your secrets gypsy!! How do you get these block photos again? What other tips and tricks can you depart on a dear ole friend!! Wish we could do this over a beer and playdate!

much love sista

Coleen said...

I will teach you my tricks but only if you quit trying to steal my tears! Okay, upload your pictures to and then go to to make mosaics, inspirational posters, magazine covers etc. It's wicked fun and addictive! Good luck and let me know if my genius mind, I mean my gypsy mind can help you with any other little blog tricks. Ciao Bella!