Monday, July 12, 2010

You Can Take The Girl Out Of Malden But...

You can't take the Malden out the girl!  My cousin Sherri came for a week long visit and we had so many laughs and a few cries reminiscing about growing up in Malden, Mass.  Sherri lived down the hall from me in an apartment building filled with my mother's side of the family.  She was there beside me during the most painful time of my life.  After my mom died I moved to Newburyport and although I drifted apart from much of my mother's family, I always remained close with Sherri and adore her like a sister.  

We kicked off her visit with lunch at Red's Icehouse on Shem Creek where we had fresh shrimp and watched the dolphins swim by... so perfect!   

One evening we went downtown for a Girls' Night at Poogan's Porch for some yummy fried green tomatoes and pan-seared jumbo scallops.  Poogan's Porch is famous because it is haunted by a woman named Zoe.  I caught a glimpse of the ghost in the bathroom and snapped this picture of her!  Sherri was so petrified she wouldn't even go to the bathroom alone.  Wuss! 

For 4th of July, we stayed here in the hood for our annual cul-de-sac potluck party.  It was great old fashioned fun... sack races, three-legged races, great food, lots of laughs, cold beer and a firework display. 

The rest of Sherri's visit was spent at the pool, the beach, relaxing at home, working out at the gym and giggling like a crazy person with me!  I loved this visitor and I hope she comes back really soon.

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Kathy Williams said...

How did you get such a great picture of the ghost lady??