Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Six-Year-Old Currier,

You survived kindergarten. Actually you did more than survive, you thrived this year! You’re reading and writing and you love school. Your teacher, Mrs. Schuck, adores you. She said your stories are so funny, animated and captivating that she hates to stop your gabbing and give you a bad report for interrupting in class. I’m afraid you may have inherited my big mouth. I’ll warn you right now that mouth is going to get you in a lot of trouble in life. Finding a healthy balance of knowing when and where it’s appropriate to open your big mouth is key. If you succeed in doing this, teach me!

Like most six-year-old boys, you like video games, Legos and superheroes. You‘re a social butterfly who makes friends easily and you’re the life of the party! Unlike most six-year-old boys, you’re completely obsessed with washing your hands and avoiding anything sticky or dirty. We’ve even had to make a rule that you’re not allowed to get up from the dinner table to wash your hands. I’m afraid you inherited the OCD behavior from me too. Sorry.

You’re a Mama’s boy and this makes my heart smile. I sometimes meet you for lunch dates in the school cafeteria and I love how proud you are to introduce me to your friends, “Hey guys, this is Mom! She’s the best!” I relish in your adoration because I know it won’t be long before you figure out I’m not the awesome princess that you think I am. The realization and embarrassment are sure to set in soon.

Even when you do become embarrassed of me and let’s face it, there’s a damn good chance of that, I hope you’ll still be my sweet, little Mama’s boy when your friends aren’t around to witness. We are very much alike—you even have my wicked Boston accent and ridiculous sarcasm—so we have a tendency to drive each other crazy but there’s a special connection there and a whole lot of laughs and silly, quirky love!

All my love,


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