Sunday, July 29, 2012

Staying in Touch with Sicily

One of my closest friends from Sicily, Meagan, came for a weekend visit.  She's stationed in Virginia Beach now and also has a new addition to her family. 

Currier and Rya fell in love with Charlie and fought over who got to play with him, take care of him, hold his hand, etc. 

Meagan also brought her Sicilian dog, Jack, to see his BFF Paolo (*Notice how even Italian dogs kiss on both cheeks!?) but don't let this picture fool you.  It's been nearly five years since they've seen each other and Paolo's injury makes him a little grumpy so they didn't always get along during the visit. 

We took the kids to an interactive dinosaur exhibit in North Charleston and then Megs and I had our fun by ordering cocktails at lunch. 

And the cocktails continued into the night and there may or may not have been a disco ball and dancing!

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