Sunday, November 18, 2012

Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party

 We had a Barbie themed party to celebrate Rya's 4th birthday. 
I handmade all the decorations and food myself because I'm kind of awesome like that and Pintrest makes me feel like I can do all sorts of crafty shit. 
I stole the idea off Pintrest to make a life size Barbie box for Rya and her friends to pose in and it was a huge hit. 
The girls divided their time between playing Barbies upstairs in Rya's room and doing crafts in the living room.  Meanwhile the mommies chugged beers sipped cocktails in the kitchen. 
If Rya's wishes were anything like her mother's, she just wished that someday she'll see a live unicorn!
Rya received a ridiculous amount of presents including a ceramic doll that my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl.   
Later in the day, some clothes came off and things got a little wild which is the International sign of a kick ass party!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Love the life size barbie box. Can you provide some insruction for how you made it? Thanks