Friday, February 22, 2013

Roadtrip to KnoxVegas

Rya and I took our first road trip with just the two of us.  On Wednesday, we drove up to Carrie's in Knoxville (about a six hour drive) to return her car.  Rya and I had a blast on the drive up.  We sang, we chatted, we snacked and we laughed. 
While at Carrie's I did some organizing projects as a small token of my appreciation for her loaning us her car for so long.  She really is the kindest and most generous person I know! 
Trent and Currier drove up after school/work on Friday.  We promised the kids snow so we drove up to Gatlinburg and took them to the ski resort for a snowball fight.  This lead to some crying and a blow to my neck that knocked my back out of alignment (those little bastards play dirty!) but it was still fun and awesome to see the kids play in snow for the first time. 
Before heading back home we went out to eat at Senor Taco (for the third time that week!)  I fibbed to the waiter and said it was Rya's birthday so she'd get free dessert and whipped cream in the face.  It was the first time I saw her experience embarrassment.  Unfortunately she's in for a lot of that with me as her mother. 

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