Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aunt Carrie or KEY-YAH

Trent's sister Carrie, who Currier calls KEY-YAH, came and spent the weekend with us. Carrie arrived late Friday evening after her six hour drive from Knoxville. Since we'd been psyching Currier up all afternoon with KEY-YAH's visit, we let him stay up late to greet her. When Carrie knocked on the door around 10PM, we asked Currier, "Who's that? Who could that be?" Currier shouted, "PIZZA!" Carrie was like, "Um, do you guys order a lot of pizza?" Currier can't even speak in sentences yet and he's already tattling on us! On Saturday our real estate agent had several houses lined up for us to tour so Carrie came along to help entertain Currier (Thanks Carrie!) and also check out some of our potential homes. After a morning of house hunting we had lunch at TGIF where Currier barfed all over himself. It was lovely. That evening we ordered sandwiches from a local deli and watched a tornado head right towards Charleston on the weather channel. We were lucky the tornado missed our area. We were not so lucky with Saturday's Power Ball—we thought for sure we had the winning lottery numbers! Ugh, now we have to settle on buying something less than a multi million dollar home—how boring!
On Sunday we took Carrie to the marsh in the back of our apartment complex. If you go back there during the right time of the day, you will find thousands and thousands of little black crabs scurrying through the blades of sea grass and dipping in and out of mud holes. Unfortunately when we took Carrie back there the crabs were no where to be seen, but the sun was setting and the view was phenomenal. It was a nice visit with Aunt KEY-YAH and we look forward to many more visits with her.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh it seems like your sister is having a nice visit!

Coleen said...

Absolutely! It’s always a good time when Carrie is around. I took a peek at your blog and it seems that we have something in common—I also love Tom Selleck and pie filling!