Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Quick Stopover In Chucktown

Last night my brother PJ, his buddy Mike and Mike's daughter Allison spent the night with us on their way down to Disney World. They were supposed to arrive late Thursday night but didn't arrive until late Friday afternoon due to some traffic and car problems—Mike’s car blew up about an hour from our house because he had inadvertently driven in 4 wheel drive all the way from Newburyport, Massachusetts—oops! The car was towed to the dealership where Mike received news that the damage will cost 3000 clams and take a week to fix—ouch! Being a resilient crew, they decided not to let this ruin their vacation—buying a bag of fireworks helped cheer them up! Trent picked them up at the dealership and we headed downtown Charleston for dinner, ice cream and a walk along the waterfront.
They woke up early this morning to pick up a rental car and get on the road to Florida. Although it was just a short visit, we packed in a lot of fun. Mike's daughter is a little character who sang us songs, told us ghost stories and stole Currier's heart. He adored her and cried when she said goodbye. The only good thing about their car breaking down is that they will now have to stop by here to pick it up on their way back to Massachusetts. We can't wait for another sleepover next weekend!


Nicole said...

that's so funny but not! :) Please tell PJ & Bartlett I said hello! I'm sure they're having a blast on their adventure! Tell them both I miss them and have to hang out next time I'm in NBPT.

Crazy Andres said...

The same thing happened to Phil and his brother-in-law, Vito, when Vito drove for over a half an hour on the freeway in 2nd gear!

I cannot believe how tall Currier look in those photos! And it's so cool that you found an Italian woman to watch Currier! Have you been in contact with Bina at all since you left?


Coleen said...

Hi Nicole!
Yeah, but not as FUNNY as your spring break FL trip. Maybe I'll post pictures on the blog and tell all about that time!? Just kidding! :) You need to get together with PJ and Bartlett at the Neps. That's the place to see and be seen these days! XOXO

Silly boys.
Yeah, Currier is getting so big that the other day Trent and I both said he looked more like a "little person" than a child.
We're really happy with Manuela. Currier is picking up Italian words like crazy. He officially speaks more Italian than me! Yes, we call Bina every couple of weeks and hope to always stay in touch with her. We miss her like crazy.

Anonymous said...

I see love hearts in Curriers Eyes!!! Thats my lil pimp ;)

Can't wait for pictures from post-disney!!


Kerri said...

I haven't seen PJ or Bartlett in YEARS!! Tell them I said hello and to stop in CT on their way home.

Miss you.

Coleen said...

Hey Meg,
He likes to keep his pimp hands strong! :) I'll keep you posted post-Disney... stay tuned.
Miss you!

Be careful with your invitations! They just might take you up on the offer! :)