Thursday, April 17, 2008

Il Mio Piccolo Picasso

Currier and I love painting with TaDoodles. The easy grip helps him maneuver his masterpiece and the washable paint makes clean up a breeze. I'm thrilled that Currier is starting to show a creative side. I can't wait to introduce him to scrap booking!


bleeding espresso said...

Can't wait to see his first scrapbook!

I think my brother would actually leave my SIL if she started teaching my nephew scrapbooking though ;)

Ambra Celeste said...

Aw, he's such a cutey!

Coleen said...

Hi Michelle,
I know my husband won't be too thrilled if I get Currier into scrap booking. Not because it's such a girly craft but because he’s already supporting my expensive scrap booking habit. He doesn’t need two junkies living under his roof! :)

Hi Ambra,
A very messy cutey! :)