Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Flowers

There are no words to describe afternoons like these.


Amy said...

what beautiful photos! We are so excited for you, Colleen! Only 2 weeks left! You can make it! -Amy, Jett, and Kai

The Waggoners said...

he is simply beautiful! I know you are one proud Moma...and you are so happy to add your precious baby girl to the family, yet feel sadness at the same time b/c you will no longer have times like these where it is you and your little boy. You will always remember these days with a special kind of fondness but know there is room in your heart for two and you will be amazed at how complete you feel. i am so happy for you and your beautiful family. I wish I was one of your kids! I love you!
Kat :)

Kristin said...

Just imagine when he looks so curious and enamoured with his little sister. Your wonderful camera eye and compassionate heart have served in capturing some incredible moments and this is one of them!

Coleen said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks. We're excited and ready to meet this little girl in my belly. I'll be looking at your blog for advice on how to handle a toddler and newborn.

Thanks Kathy. There is a little sadness but so much more excitement! I love you too!

What a kind thing to say- thank you. I think Currier is ready for a sibling and I'm ready for more chaos!