Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Festivities

It's been a whole week full of Halloween festivities! First, we carved a pumpkin and the damn thing rotted before Halloween. Second, our HOA threw a party at the community clubhouse with a jumpy castle, lots of games, prizes, food and to our little fireman's excitement—a firetruck! Third, Currier's preschool took all the kids trick or treating to all the neighboring businesses. And finally, last night our fireman went trick or treating with our neighbors, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. It was a fun week full of candy but I'm glad it's over—Phew! Now it's time to come down off this sugar high and work on getting this baby out of me!


Mrs. Crab said...

awww love it!! and did you get some R&R while the fireman collected all the goodies?

Happy Hoogaly Googaly!!

Coleen said...

Yeah, I actaully only took him to ONE house and then let Trent take over. I sat out front on a cushion with a big bowl of candy and relaxed and pigged out on candy! I was a little bummed not to be a part of the trick or treating but I can barely walk these days. :(