Monday, November 3, 2008

The Final Countdown—14 Days To Go!


Mrs. Crab said...

HOLY CANNOLI!!! I've got my party hat and noise makers ready!! If only I had some fireworks we could have a true Festa Siciliana... I love contraband!! hehehe

Is Currier coming to the hospital too? I know you said the fam would be in town so I wasn't sure.

((Bighug)) Meg

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! I love the ladies.

Coleen said...

Hi Meg,
Currier will be home with Mimi and Papi during the birth but as soon as I'm out of recovery he's coming to the hospital with b-day cake! Thanks for being such a good friend to me during my pregnancy. Love you Meg!

Hey Wisslah,
Love em too!