Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

For Halloween, I wanted Currier and Rya to dress as surf and turf (a lobster and a cow) but Currier wouldn't have it. He insisted on being a Transformer thus ruining my coordination and you know how I must have coordination or my head will explode. So I worked with it and coordinated in pairs. I dressed as Gorton's Fisherman and Rya was my Catch of the Day. We looked pretty cute but very sweaty in 85 degree weather... I'm not complaining... we moved to the south for the weather... I'm just saying... 85 frickin degrees on Halloween night?

Currier got to be his requested Transformer and Trent earned Father of the Year for also dressing up as a Bumblebee Transformer. Rya and I only lasted about 10 houses for Trick or Treat before she started getting cranky so we went back to the house to get out of our hot costumes and hand out candy while Currier and Trent went Trick or Treating for two hours with the neighborhood kids.

It was a great Halloween and Currier is very excited about his loot!


Amy said...

Great pictures!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Love the costumes! I will tell Bina you said "Ciao" when I see her this week. Let me know if you ever want to send them anything or if you want/need anything from Sicily.