Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Four-Year-Old Currier,

When you turned three years old other parents warned me, "If you thought the terrible twos were bad, the threes are way worse."  I kindly thanked them for their upbeat insight into our future while rolling my eyes but damn it they were right! You became more verbal and you have different ideas about things and you want things a certain way. You took every opportunity to push the limits and you pushed me to my breaking point on many occasions but we made it through the year and we're all still alive. Although seriously I almost murdered you for the egg smashing incident, you little turd! 

Of course this year wasn't all bad. You are growing into a fine young man. You are kind, sensitive and so smart. You give compliments and have good manners without my prompting you. You are so sweet to your sister (unless she touches one of your toys!).  You are starting to read words and you speak more Italian than I do (which isn't saying much!). And you have your Mama's wicked sense of humor that will serve you well during the tough times in life—trust me.

Other parents have assured me that the fours are a breeze compared to the twos and threes so bring on the better behavior my friend because your little sister is about to hit the terrible twos and I can't handle two monsters under one roof! 

All my love,


Amy said...

Love this post! You nailed the threes in a sweet, concise and funny way. Happy Birthday to Currier!

Melissa said...

I love your blog, period! It is witty and oh, so touching. I think I'm going to get the book you mentioned...the true story. It looks like a sobber!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post!! I look forward to it every year!!! He's a doll... Even if he's a lil stinker sometimes!!! Happy 4th birthday bigboy!! We love you sooooo much!!

The Yohnke-donks!!

Manu said...

Sorry for late but my heart is always with you!Happy birthday my little young man!I'm very happy you speak some italian word!;)I miss you so much...