Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And The Winner Is...

‎"Rya found the soggy skittles" - Charlotte Scott
*Charlotte, let me know your address so I can send you 25 clams! 

(For those who don't get the quote, I've been soaking Skittles in vodka to make Skittles vodka for my cousin's visit coming up this weekend.)

Thank you to all who participated. 

Other notable quotes that made me laugh...

Laura Veal ‎"Another Saturday night around the Balent house!"
Stephen Cynewski "Candy overload!"
Matt Winger "I remember my first Jack and Coke."
Hilde Phipps "Halloween candy does NOT cause a hangover!" or Whaddya looking at? I always sleep here."
Michelle Trafton Kimball ‎"HEY .. check me out .. I saw my MOM doing this last weekend."
Rachel Kaufman Ginsburg ‎"Momma said there would be days like this."
Robert Lavoie ‎"I shouldn't have taken all of mommies happy pills." or "These time outs go on forever and ever and ever."
Vicky Shipman Staggs "WTF!!! I thought that was MY sippy cup."
Shutterbug Mama "Sugar Coma."
Daniel Flores "Mom sold my bed for her liquor habit, now the stairs are the replacement. Thanks mom, great parenting."
Karen Landes "Timed Out in Time Out" or "Stairway to Heaven: Maybe Tomorrow..."


Michelle said...

Bahahaha Congrat's Char .. ( but I still think mine was better .. LMAO) Love you guys!! :)

leoellison said...

i enjoy my southern comfort my jack danials and budwieser