Saturday, October 30, 2010


My cousin Cheryl came for a week long visit.  She arrived on my birthday, Saturday evening, and we kicked off her visit with class and rented the horror film The Human Centipede.  The movie was so incredibly disturbing that it took me hours to fall asleep that night.  I highly recommend it! 

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Columbia to check into the Hilton for the night and see our favorite comedian Daniel Tosh Live.  I scored great seats front and center and Tosh was so funny our cheeks and stomachs hurt from laughing!  

After the show, we ran into Daniel Tosh at a club and got our picture taken with him.  He looks completely different in person. 

On Tuesday we took the kids to Kiln Time to do ceramics.  Growing up in Newburyport, my grandmother and Cheryl's great-grandmother, Mimi, owned a ceramic shop so this was one of those sweet nostalgic moments that made us feel special for passing on our family craft as well as our family lunacy. 

Wednesday evening we did Bottles and Brushes.  The painting was Sunset Over the Battery.  We wore our Fugu Tour t-shirts to support our cousin Dickie's art tour- "Fugu and Beyond, The World Tour".

After the art class we kept it classy by going to the local biker bar, Richard's, for a few drinks and a few twirls on the dance floor.  We left our mark on the women's bathroom door! 

On Thurday we took the kids to the Scary'um Aquarium and got to pet a baby alligator! 

After our morning at the aquarium, we went to Poogan's Porch for a lovely Southern lunch.  Named after a dog, Poogan's Porch is famous for being one of the most haunted restaurants in America.  We had no run-ins with any ghosts but the Gouda Macaroni and Cheese and the Fried Green Tomatoes more than made up for it! 

For Cheryl's final day, we made Mexican Sugar Skulls in preparation for the upcoming Day of the Dead and we just felt like we needed to keep with our crafty theme of the week. 

We ended her visit with cocktails on the dock, followed by Skittles vodka shots, beer, more beer and then more Skittles vodka shots.  It was a fantastic week fueled by booze and giggles.  I love me some Cheryl.  One day I hope we marry and adopt Chinese and African babies together! 


Dick McLaughlin said...

Good times always, when the cousins get together! Thanks for the Fugu World Tour nod! Love you guys. P.S. Skittles vodka shots fueled a great costume party complete with songfest and flip-cup competition in eastern Kentucky this past week. (Pictures to follow ; ) )

Karen said...

I see you've mastered the fstop ;) Great pics!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!