Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Joy in My Life

A few days ago I ran into a familiar face at the library.  I said, "You look familiar.  Where do I know you from?"  She said, "Oh my God, COLEEN!?"  Once she spoke I realized it was a fellow Newburyporter!  Joy was a couple years younger than me in school but we took years of tap dance lessons together and then in high school she dated my brother's best friend so she was always hanging out on 10 Jackson. 

She lives here in Mount Pleasant now with her husband and two sons and if it weren't for that chance encounter we would have never known that we both live in the same city.  I teased her that we're destined to be friends and that she's stuck with me.  She teased me that the last time she saw me I was drunk at the Thirsty Whale with a beer in one hand and a butt in the other and if someone told her that fifteen years later she'd run into me at the children's section of the Mount Pleasant library reading stories to children she would have never believed it!

The other night I met her and her adorable boys at Sullivan's Island Fire Station for a parade/festival/pizza party.  The kids got to go on several different firetrucks and see a helicopter take off.  It was a blast for the kids and so great to catch up with Joy.

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A. Nut said...

My GOODNESS! I thought that face in your masshole pic looked familiar! Tell Joy I said hello!!!!!

Anna (nuttall)