Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa and Rya

Incredibly, Rya shares her birthday with both of her grandfathers.  Papa Currier from Massachusetts came down to Charleston to celebrate Rya's 2nd birthday and his 72nd birthday.  I didn't have anything special planned to celebrate since I wasn't sure of my dad's energy level after surpassing 50 chemo treatments this year.  However, his spirits were high and his mood was terrific so I threw together a celebration at the Yamato Japenese Steakhouse on a moments notice.  Our good friends the Healys, the Buelks, the Woods, the Hudsons, the Maczkos and the Broadhursts all gathered (making a party of 26) around the hibachi to watch the chef cook, to chat and laugh, to eat and drink and most of all to celebrate the lives of these two special people!  For a spontaneous evening, it was just perfect.

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