Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Two-Year-Old Rya D.,

You turned two years old today! This morning Currier said that you still look the same as yesterday so you couldn’t be two because you still look like one-year-old Rya. But I noticed the change, Rya. Moms always notice these things. You are no longer my baby. You’re my little girl. A little girly girl!

It’s fun to watch your little personality sprouting. You are kind and gentle and stubborn and quirky and coy. Your generous hugs make my heart melt, your insistent drive makes my heart rate soar and your adorable playfulness makes my heart swell. I love the person you are becoming. You are special and you are in my heart.

You’re an absolute nightmare to put to bed now that you are no longer in a crib. You get up dozens of times and your father and I have to keep putting you back in your bed until we both collapse from exhaustion. You think this whole scenario is hilarious. Your father and I not so much.

You are in speech therapy right now because you’re a late talker. I was worried at first but now I’m confident that nothing is wrong with you. You just don’t have much to say. You’re an observer and a good listener, like your father. This makes me love you ever more.

My little girl is no longer a baby and it all happened so fast. One day before I know it you’ll be a grown woman and this ring will fit you. I need you to know that no matter how far away you go or how different we may become, I want this ring to remind you that you will always be my little girl and you will always be in my heart. 

All my love,

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