Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lucky Penny

The day I took Penny in as a foster (September 19th) I posted her picture on facebook asking if anyone was interested in adopting her.  My cousin, Danielle, from Massachusetts messaged me almost immediately with questions about Penny.  After a week of facebook messages, texts and phone calls, her and her fiance, Daniel, decided this was the dog for them.  

They drove down from Beverly, Massachusetts (An 18 hour drive!) yesterday to adopt Penny.  It took about thirty minutes of paperwork at the Charleston Animal Society to make it official.  We learned that Penny was originally found as a stray and then surrendered to the shelter by two different owners in her short little life.  Penny has a luxating patella (trick knee) in her right hind leg and the first owner was worried this could lead to medical expenses later so dumped her and the second owners claimed they couldn't adapt to her so once again she was dumped.  On September 19th, the shelter sent out an urgent message because the shelter was overflowing and 31 dogs were on the kill list.  Penny was one of them.       

Penny went from death row to damn lucky because Danielle and Daniel are so in love with her and I just know it was meant to be!  I got goose bumps seeing the happiness and love surrounding this dog.    

Funny thing is I never met Danielle until yesterday.  It was Penny that brought us together and now we'll always have that bond—Penny and the same wacky relatives!   

I thought for sure I was going to break down and cry when it was time to say good bye to Penny this afternoon but I didn't.  I know she's exactly where she needs to be and knowing I played a role in that makes me happy.  Today was a very happy day.  Fostering is rewarding. 

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