Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Seizures

On Saturday Currier had two seizures.  He complained of having an upset stomach and went into the bathroom and a few minutes later Trent and I heard a loud crash.  I found Currier on the floor with his head propped against the wall and his eyes rolled back into his head.   He woke as soon as I lifted him and then he turned pale and clammy.  As I was wetting a cold cloth and Trent was getting a thermometer, Currier face planted into the bathroom door and passed out cold again.  He didn’t lose control of his bowels and he didn’t have convulsions this go around.  So although still scary it wasn’t the full blown seizures like he’s had in the past so we felt comfortable caring for him at home and not taking him to the ER.

Today I got a call from the school nurse saying that Currier wasn’t communicating normally and he complained that his brain hurt so Trent rushed to pick him up and we all met at doctor’s office.  After an exam, blood test and urinalysis, Dr. Davis still thinks these are febrile seizures and not epilepsy.   Currier should grow out of these episodes just as I did as a child.  So permission granted to carry on and TRICK or TREAT!   
*At the doctor's office, Currier was obviously getting a lot of attention so Rya interuppted Dr. Davis and said, "Hey when everyone is done talking about Currier can we all talk about me?"  She is her mother's daughter.  

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