Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Currier Turns Two!

Yesterday, Currier turned two years old. We celebrated with a pasta dinner (Currier's favorite!) and a Carvel ice cream cake. Happy birthday my sweet, little man.


Crazy Andres said...

Happy Birthday, Currier! Your present is on the way!

Ella and Aja

Coleen said...

Ciao Ella & Aja,
Thanks. We wish we could have celebrated with you guys. We miss you tons!

Anonymous said...


Miss you all tons...

Love, Meagan

PS Currier, are you deleting my emails or is your mommy super busy?

Coleen said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Currier. Deleting emails? I haven't received an email from you in months and I was beginning to wonder if you wanted a divorce from me? I've been emailing you dying to hear MWR gossip and you haven't delivered! What up? Miss you.

Anonymous said...

No way Jose!! You can't get rid of me that easily... I'm like a fungus!! Wait.. thats not a nice thing to say about myself. Issues..

I emailed Trent the latest (from your May 7th email) the other since have been like this "HELLOOOOOO" I think I might have also said "you better respond.. don't make me come over there!!"

Love, Meagan

PS Just teasin bout the Currier deleting my emails... just figured you guys were super busyilicious

Kristin & Ethan Elam said...

Happy Birthday Currier!
Your friend Ethan ;-)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CURRIER!!! You better learn some more tricks in your old age. We hope to see you in August!

the wisslahs

Coleen said...

Yeah I figured I'd be stuck with you for a while. Maybe I should try tinactin- that gets rid of fungus. :) Miss you so much!

Kristin and Ethan,
Thanks. Ethan should be turning two pretty soon huh? Hope you're enjoying your new life in Chicago.

Can't wait for your visit to Charleston! Currier will have some new tricks by then for sure. Are you bringing Steve? Paolo misses his little "friend".