Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our New Home

We finally closed on a house! It took us four months to find the right neighborhood and the perfect home for us, but it was so worth the wait! Our new home is located ten minutes from the beach, ten minutes from Dunkin Donuts (very important!), ten minutes from the city, and ten minutes from the mall. The house reminds me of a Cape Cod cottage—it's absolutely adorable. We couldn't be more thrilled about being in so much debt!


Anonymous said...

WOoOoHooO!! (theres four bedrooms right? hell I'll take the couch) What a wonderful year so far huh?? Out of Sicily, Currier turns two, a baby on the way, friends and family, (dunkin donuts) and A NEW HOUSE!! I'm so happy for you guys :) Do you have a move in date planned??


Coleen said...

It has been a good year for us. We are very thankful and we feel very fortunate. We got a four bedroom just for you! So hurry up and come visit us!

We got the keys yesterday and the movers come TODAY (May 22nd)! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Gotta go move into my new house now! YIPPEE!

The Elams said...

That is a gorgeous home! We are so excited for you!!


YEAH!! So very happy for you!! GREAT times to come I'm sure!! Look forward to hearing (and seeing) all about it!! Congrat's darlin!!!

Much love,

Sullivan said...

OMG I am so excited for yall! Where is the house? It is too cute! You need to send out more pictures of it! HAve fun moving in!!! Congrats!!!
PS Im so green with envy!

Andrew Desmond said...

I love it! It's picture-perfect. So pretty! Congrats! Hope the move-in goes smoothly!

Ro said...

I love it - it's so perfect! Auggie and Abby and I will be there this summer for sure!

Karen said...

Ciao! So funny I just emailed you re:moving to Charleston! When I thought, I need to check her blog! Congrats on the new casa. I think you may have sealed the deal with Dunkin Donut mention ;) I will warn you, DD and PG don't go well together. Well, at first they do, but the extra 20 pounds I carried with Mahlon due to our proximity to the Dunkin Donuts/ Baskin Robins combo eatery in Okinawa almost killed me at the end :)

Coleen said...

Hi Elams,
Thanks. We're excited too!

Hey Kimball Clan,
I'll get blogging about the house and hood soon.

Next time you're in Charleston please look us up. We'll have you over for a little BBQ.

Thanks. The move actually went pretty smooth. Nothing was damaged or broken. After five months without our things it was like Christmas opening all the boxes!

Hurry up and have that baby and then get your butts down here for a visit! :)

I'm already learning that living close to Dunkin Donuts might not be a good thing. I'm packing on the pounds! Ugh!