Monday, May 19, 2008

It's A Small, Small World!

On Sunday we went to a birthday party for our new friend, Patrick. The party was at the Mount Pleasant Fire Department and was, as you can imagine, a total blast for Currier. How we came to meet our new friend, Patrick, is such a neat story. I actually knew his mother, Colleen (she's all fancy spelling her name with two Ls!), from Sicily. Colleen used to come into the travel office where I worked and we also had a mutual friend, Liz. A few months ago, I ran into Colleen at the Verizon office in Mount Pleasant and we both admitted, "You look so familiar. Where do I know you from?" It took us a few minutes to figure out that it was Sicily. The kicker is that we actually ran into each other a few weeks earlier in her backyard and hadn't recognized each other then. Why was I in Colleen's backyard? We were out house hunting and as we were leaving an open house, Currier ran into the next door neighbor's yard because he spotted a little boy (Patrick!) in a little play house. I was trying to get Currier out of the play house and the little boy's mom (Colleen!) was trying to get her dog away from us so being embarrassed and frazzled neither of us made the connection then. I'm so thankful that we ran into each other again... We tease each other that we were just destined to be friends.

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