Monday, October 27, 2008

I Finally Found The Perfect Job!

I called them and told them that I'm due on November 17th and wouldn't be available until the 18th. Can't wait to get started!


Anonymous said...

*nonstop giggles*


Coleen said...

What? I'm serious!

Mrs. Crab said...

You think they have an overseas screening?? With all the binge drinkers around here i'll never be out of a job!!

Angel said...

Hmmm, maybe this is sad but I actually participated in a study like that at UW a few years ago! Stupid easy money. I was a student and free booze was free booze, ya know?


Coleen said...

Yeah living in Sig, you should be a shoe in for the job! :)

Hi Angel,
They actually fed you the booze!? This job is even more appealing than I thought! :)