Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, Currier and Rya didn't wake us until 8am—it was truly a Christmas miracle! When asked "Did Santa come?" Currier ran straight to the plate of cookies and carrots to find only crumbs. Santa and his reindeer had indeed come to the Balent house!

Santa left us lots of presents under the tree and also set up Thomas the Tank Engine motorized train tracks in the corner of the living room. Currier was so enthralled with the presents under the tree it took him 10 minutes to notice the train set. It was love at first sight and his reaction was so precious that Trent and I nearly cried.

Rya spent her first Christmas just chilling out on the couch catching a buzz on breast milk. Most of her gifts were baby necessities such as diapers and wipes, but Santa did splurge on a mini tiara which Rya refused to take off. She's such a princess!

Even though Trent thought it ridiculous, Santa didn't forget about the dogs. They got dog treats and squeaky balls. Being Italian, notice how Paolo and Bruco greet each other with cheek kisses!
Our family had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and we hope you did too.

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