Monday, December 15, 2008

Meeting Santa

We took Rya and Currier to meet Santa over the weekend. Currier asked Santa for choo choos, cars and blue cars. Rya asked Santa for the ability to sleep through the night... Funny, that was my wish too!


Mrs. Crab said...

YEeEAHh for Choochoos!! I love how content they look. Most kids scream their little asses off. (refering back to Curriers Pic with Santa from last year with "creeper santa"

Love you guys :)

Manuela said...

Oh Coleen, they are so beautiful and happy!I miss you:(
You have to go in James Island County Park with the dark.I'm sure you will love it!Trust me!

Digital Wissler said...

Cars are COMPLETELY different than 'blue cars.' I love that he's already learning the importance of specifying.