Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting Ready For Santa

The house is decorated, the Christmas tree is up and Currier is so excited for Santa to come. This is the first Christmas that I think Currier "gets it" so I've been using "Santa" as a negotiating tool.

It's funny, I was fully expecting Currier to be jealous of Rya but he's not at all—he absolutely adores her. Instead he's been defiant towards me which is probably a lethal combination of the terrible twos and realizing he's not the center of my attention anymore. It's been a very challenging couple of weeks but now that the tree is up and the anticipation of Santa is in the air, it's amazing how quick a child will do what he is told when there is the threat that Santa might not come. I think I might leave the tree up all year round!


Amy said...

Jett does the same thing - he loves Kai and saves all of his anger for me! We decorated a Christmas tree too - and every day Jett pulls more ornaments off of it. We haven't talked about Santa much - I wish I had thought of that angle earlier. I'll have to explain it to Jett tomorrow! (That is, after I give him a cookie just to get in the car without complaining)! Hang in there, Colleen! Your babies are so beautiful!

Ro said...

look at her pixie hair! It's perfect! She is an absolute doll. And I love Curriers festive holiday sweater. very chauncy.