Sunday, July 13, 2008

Currier's Big Boy Room

We just finished Currier's room...He screamed when he saw the results! I wanted to post a few pictures before he trashes it.


ChErYlEEsKi said...

I should have known it would be red. Is it because Trent thinks he will look so hot in there or because you are thinking about putting down a black and white tiled floor in there later?

Crazy Andres said...

Looks so cool! Ella will be jealous when she sees the pictures; she's still in her crib!! Does Currier have his own bathroom? So posh:)
P.S. Thanks for the original Currier Balent painting.

Coleen said...

Currier's been hurdling out of his crib and pack & play since he was 18 months old. A big boy bedroom set is long over due! Yes, Currier has his very own bathroom until his baby sister arrives. It's a Jack & Jill bathroom that connects his room to his sister's. It's so Brady Bunch! I love it.

PS... Glad you liked the painting! We loved the cape.

Coleen said...

Hey Cheryleeski,
Yes and Yes.

Karen said...

Hey Coleen, I absolutely love Currier's room! For as far as I can see into the future we will be living in rentals. Alas, no fun wall painting for Mahlon! I emailed you weeks ago about Charleston. For a brief moment in time we thought we might be headed their. But, then our plans got kabashed. So, don't worry about digging out the email and answering me ;) And, Egypt is on hold for now too. Think we'll go at the end of the tour. My Mom has offered to babysit here in Italy so C&I can go senza bambini! Ciao, K

Coleen said...

Hi Karen,
I don't have your email so I'll drop you a blog message... I never received an email from you saying that you were possibly relocating to Charleston!? I would have remembered receiving such great news. Sorry to hear that the plan didn't work out. Any ideas where you're headed next? I hope you get a chance to see Egypt before your tour in Europe is up. Senza bambini sarebbe grande!