Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's A Girl!

We had an ultrasound this morning and learned that we're having a baby girl. We're absolutely thrilled. The tech said she's been doing ultrasounds for 28 years and has a 100% track record so we feel pretty confident that we can go out and buy a few pink things!

A few of you requested a glimpse of the gut, so here it is! I'm 20 weeks pregnant and already a planet. Ugh!


Amy said...

Congratulations! Is it too early to talk about an arranged marriage? -Amy and Kai

Swindells said...

Congrats! Yea a little Coleen is going to be running around. You look great!! Love the hair it looks so cute on you.

Anonymous said...

coleena your beautiful love PJ

Ro said...

SO exciting! You look fantastic!!

Crazy Andres said...

One word--AWESOME!! I have so many adorable things ready to buy for the little lass!! And I don't know what you're talking about looking gross--you look so cute with a belly:) Just wondering--did you receive Currier's gift in the mail yet?? Also, when's a good time of day to call you and chat? You can email me if you want with the answers. Okay, writing a novel without a book deal!! Ciao for now!


Sullivan said...

Congrats! A perfect little family! I know yall are thrilled! You look great by the way!

bleeding espresso said...

Oh my goodness, I've clearly been away from here for too long...CONGRATULATIONS! AUGURONI! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!!! Congratulations! A little comment my mom made to me..."Remember each generation is a little worse than the one before. Just look at Makayala." Just to make you feel better about having a daughter!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you!! You already have the perfect little family and now your new daughter will just make it even more special!! Any thoughts for names yet??? I can't wait to see her!! And you look absolutely FABULOUS!! You glow baby .. you glow!! Love ya lots ~*~Michelle~*~

Mrs. Crab said...

I go away for a few days and miss all the good stuff!! CONGRATS!! You beautiful baby mamma you :)

I can't wait to see Currier with a little baby sister hehe and I can't wait to see Trent cleaning the shotgun :)

Miss you girlie

Coleen said...

Amy and Kai,
Thanks. It's never too early to hook up two cool people. Let's do this!

Thanks. The thought of a little "mini me" is really frightening! Thanks for your compliments.

I hope that my son and daughter have the big brother/little sister bond that we share. I love you!

Wicked exciting! Thanks for your compliment.

Extra awesome! Glad you think I look cute with a belly... A belly always looks cute on someone else! I wish I had you here to be my workout partner after baby. It's going to be a lot of work.

Grazie. We couldn't be more thrilled. Thanks for your compliment.

Yeah, a lot BIG changes have happened in my life. I moved to America, got pregnant as soon as we touched down on American soil and then bought a new house. Talk about busy!

Thanks. Ah Jeez, if this child is worse than me, I'm screwed!

Thanks so much. As for names, we're tossing around a few but tend to like the Irish ones (hint hint!).

Yeah, where have you been? Can you believe it's a girl! Hello pink!

M to the S said...

Congrats Coleen! You are absolutely glowing with this pregnancy. Have fun shopping for this little girl because girl clothes is so much cuter than boy clothes. Danny is only 3 months and his closet is already filled with khakis, jeans, button-up shirts and t-shirts. THen when I go shopping for him all I see is, you guessed it, khakis, jeans, button-up shirts and t-shirts! Have fun!