Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sicilian Cucina

I'm in full nesting mode and taking on lots of home projects. Here's our freshly painted Sicilian kitchen.
Come on by for a cup of cappuccino or a glass of vino.


Anonymous said...

wowww.. i like so much your new "cusina siciliana".
I saw a lot of boxes of "vino" and other typical sicilian stuff like Etna photos, sicilian plates etc...
you are did a very good job. i will come just to have a Dunkin and Donuts in your "cucina".
I miss you so much.

Mrs. Crab said...

I LOOOVE IT!! Where did you get the painting over the window from its awesome!!

Is there a Coleen school of interior design? I wanna be like you when I grow up..

The Waggoners said...

hey girl! want more pics!!!! MORE MORE MORE! Love to see what is going on with you. I am so happy for you guys. My dining room is the same color and my kitchen is the barnyard red. ;) We call the dining room the "Italy Room."

Nicole said...

Beautiful colors! I wish I could pop in for an afternoon caffe!

Coleen said...

Ciao Sergio!
It's good to hear from you. We miss you too. La mia casa è la sua casa and Dunkin Donuts there are a plenty! We'd be honored to introduce you to America.

Hey Meagan,
I got the painting from Mario's Iron Works. I admired it for months and months and finally broke down and bought it a few days before leaving Sicily.

We call our kitchen the Sicilian kitchen. I think we have similiar taste. I love crazy bright colors.

I wish you could pop in for a caffe too! Maybe bring some of your famous mini cheesecakes?!