Thursday, July 3, 2008

Slàn leat Papa

Papa died this morning. I knew it was coming for some time now. He was 90 and his body was failing him. No matter how prepared I thought I was for his death, it still hit me hard. I'm sad to lose him. My grandfather never told me he loved me. He didn't have to. When I was a teenager, I got into some trouble, got arrested and had to go to court. None of my family or friends showed up to court that day and I was terrified when the judge called my name. As I stood in front of the judge, I caught a glimpse of my grandfather hiding in the doorway of the courtroom. He winked at me. That wink meant the world to me.

In his 80's, he came to Germany twice to visit me. I have a million funny stories from those visits. During the first visit, I got him to call my cousin Cheryl back home in Massachusetts and tell her that he was lost in Germany and didn't know how to find me. He played the part of the helpless senior citizen so well that Cheryl was almost in tears with panic. It was a brilliant prank that still makes me giggle. The second time he came to visit, he came against doctor's orders. He had diabetes and that long of a flight was bad for his circulation. His feet were purple by the time he got off the plane. When I asked why he came when he knew this was going to happen, he scoffed, " I wanted to see my dip shit granddaughter graduate from college."

I'm going to miss that crazy old man! Good bye Papa.


Swindells said...

Well said Coleen!!
LOve and miss you so much!!!

Ro said...

Oh Papa! We'll miss you and your shenanigans! At least we know your setting all the dingbat's straight in heaven...

Anonymous said... in peace, Papa. So goddamn fancy.
Love, the Wisslahs...we didn't know you personally, but may as well have.

Michelle said...

I love ya darlin!
With love,
The Kimballs

Mrs. Crab said...

I wanna call you right now but it's 145am and I don't think you would appreciate that. I'm so sorry to hear about Papa. But with all that vinegar and spice he'll be sure to have fun on the other side ;)

May the saint protect ye-
An' sorrow neglect ye,
An' bad luck to the one
That doesn't respect ye
t' all that belong to ye,
An long life t' yer honor-
That's the end of my song t' ye!

Love ya girlie
We'll talk soon :)

Crazy Andres said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your Papa's passing. But just think, now he can haunt your new house in SC and comment all the time on how fancy you're being!!:) Love and miss you all!


bleeding espresso said...

Your grandfather sounds a lot like my grandfather who passed away 10 years ago this past June. I still miss him and his, ahem, unique personality every single day. My deepest condolences :(

Anonymous said...

We know you loved him so much, he was such a character...always wondered were you got it from. He lives on through your stories and yes they were fancy ones.

Julie and Daniel

ChErYlEEsKi said...

Thanks for making me relive that trauma all over again. I laughed through tears just now

Coleen said...

Thanks. I know he was dear to you too. I love and miss you and I wish I could hug you right now.

Those half-wits in heaven won't know what hit em!

Wish you got a chance to meet my fancy Papa. I'll tell you some more "Papa stories" the next time I see you half ass morons.

Thanks for your support. Love you.

Thanks for the Irish blessing. My Papa would be proud of you but still call you a dip shit!

Papa would have a field day making fun of this house... "What do you have to be so god damn fancy for? This house is stupid, if you ask me!?

Thanks for your condolences. I remember you writing about your grandfather and how he thought Twix bars were more cookie than candy. Sounds like a character!

Julie and Daniel,
I've got a ton of "Papa stories" so come on down to Charleston and I'll tell you some over a couple of beers (after the baby is born of course!)

Your trauma is my happiness! That was one of my favorite memories of Papa. Now that Papa is gone, who are we going to talk about? Our relationship is going to be so empty now. I hope we find another crazy person to make fun of... I can think of a few, can you?