Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dinner With Friends

This is Trent's co-worker Cinnamon with her two adorable kids, Amara and Max. We had them over for dinner over the weekend along with Cinnamon's husband JB and their cool neighbors, Melissa & Michael (Unfortunately, I didn't capture any photos of them. I wasn't in my normal shutterbug mood due to a very sore sciatic nerve!). Cinnamon has been such a good friend to us since we moved to SC. She shares her wisdom with us on the best places to eat and the coolest places to shop. She generously loaned me trash bags full of maternity clothes. She sends Trent home a few times a month with bags full of Max's hand-me-downs for Currier and Amara's hand-me-downs for the new baby. She's sweet, funny and unbelievably has the same warped sense of humor as Trent and I. We feel like we've been friends with Cinnamon and her family forever. And Currier thinks Max is the greatest!


Anonymous said...

is her name really Cinnamon?\


Coleen said...

Her name is really Cinnamon. I can't make this stuff up! I bet you were expecting a darker complexion!?