Monday, October 6, 2008

The Final Countdown—42 Days To Go!


Swindells said...

wow!!! She is coming fast!!!! OMG I cant believe it!!! Love ya!!!

Coleen said...

It may seem fast to you, but to me it seems like an eternity! Love you too!

Mrs. Crab said...

HOLY CANNOLI!!! 42 Days? Look out world Coleen Jr's on the way!!

Love, Meagan

PS when we gonna see the nursery?

Coleen said...

42 days! Can you freakin believe it!? We're not doing a "nursery". We're going to wait until her 1st birthday to paint and do her room. That way we can incorporate her personality into the decorating. Sorry to disappoint!
Miss you!

Mrs. Crab said...

Is that short for Trent wont help me paint and I aint doing it by myself? Just teasing!! I think thats a fab idea... However, I love the Hot Pink and Lepoard print idea!!

How bout some new drama for the mamma... we're extending another year and probally moving to Spain.

Of course that will probally change tomorrow.. just had to share the insanity

love Meg

Crazy Andres said...

So, 42 days (even less now)to go, and I have a present in the works, but it can't be completed without the little darling's initials!! And since you're not'll just have to wait for the gift!!:) I'm betting on Riley since it has the Irish connection, but I guess I'll just have to wait with the rest of the world!! Gotta jet, but definitely thinking of you in your "get this kid outta me" state! Ciao!

Coleen said...

Hi Meagan,
No that's short for me can't afford to do a nursery! :)

Honestly, I'm not holding out. We still haven't picked a name. We having a hard time with this one!